Once you are landing at Mumbai Aiport the first thing you spot is a kilometer-long slum.
Mumbai’s skyline at night. It is India’s economic capital and home for many Bollywood stars.
The traffic in Mumbai is as crazy as in Delhi. I am not sure what exactly happened to this car, just saw it at a street corner.
In Southern Mumbai you can still see many colonial buildings combined with an Indian touch. Quite an inspiring atmosphere. Therefore, Mumbai is also loved by many artists.
Probably the most touristic place in Mumbai: The Gateway of India is located right at the waterfront. The monument was finished in 1924, it served to allow entry to India. In 2008 the terrorists arrived here before they spread over the city.
The view on the sea from the Gateway of India.
The famous five start hotel: Taj Mahal Palace. The hotel opened its doors in 1903 and was built by Jamsedji Tata – it is widely believed that he was refused to enter a five star hotel as an Indian native at that time and therefore built his own hotel which was not restricted to white citizens. In 2008 during the Mumbai attacks at least 31 people died in the hotel.