Girls dressing up for the first wedding reception in Mumbai.
Girls dressing up for the first wedding reception in Mumbai.
It's all about dancing...
Let’s dance! Indian weddings are all about dancing. We do our best to shake shoulders and lift hands. The music mix was amazing!
We are very proud of our groom Stefan. You were simply amazing!
Third day of the wedding: while the groom was arriving on a horse, we danced on the streets to live music. Wow!
Before the ceremony could start many regional traditions had to be fulfilled. His mother in law was not allowed to touch his nose, the bridesmaids stole the shoes of the groom and his bride welcomed him with flowers around the neck.
The Indo-German guests waited eagerly for the bride to arrive.
Nidhi looked simply amazing!
There can never be enough glamour at an Indian wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. receive the blessing from the brides parents.
A wonderful Indo-German couple!
For Indian weddings it is common that Eunuchs show up to bless the new couple. Sometimes the traditions are hard to understand. The Eunuch got quite angry when he didn’t get enough attention and money.
In the evening we dressed up for the last reception. I assure you walking in a Sari is not easy. Wonder how women wear Saris in daily life.
Congratulations to the whole family of Nidhi and Stefan. Thank you for an amazing wedding!