Before moving to New Delhi I knew Diwali as the festival of lights. I never actually asked myself what exactly Hindus celebrate on that day. Here is the answer: In the North of India Hindus celebrate the return god Ram and his family from exile. Ram returned to the former capital Ayodhya during the night, therefore people lit light on his way home. The significance of Diwali changes in different regions of India. In New Delhi we celebrated it one day, in other parts of India it can also be longer. Diwali is also called Divali or Deepavali.

The Nanny of my cousin, Deepa, is Hindu. We went together to a Hindu Temple in Western Delhi to receive blessings. I will explain you in pictures the different steps of our temple visit.

Diwali is probably one of her best business days to sell flowers and other gifts.
Little Posers in front of the Temple…
No need to enter a temple without candles.
There is a big diversity of gifts you can offer.
Once you enter the first thing to do is lighting a candle.
My friend Deepa dressed up to celebrate Diwali in the temple.
Each candle reflects wishes and prayers.
Here we offered flowers and received blessings, a rose and sweets in return.
Godness Kalima
In a Hindu temple one worships several gods.
Deepa focused in prayers.
The last stop in the temple.
Ride back home in a Tuck Tuck. Happy Diwali!